Activity Manual

10 Fundamental Biblically-Based Equine Assisted Activities

Reignite Connection and Growth with 10 Powerful Biblical Activities!

Struggling to find engaging activities for group gatherings or individuals?
This manual is your answer!

Rooted in the wisdom of the Bible, these 10 activities offer foundational experiences for both individuals and groups, fostering connection, reflection, and personal growth.

Detailed instructions guide you through each step, including thought-provoking sample questions to spark discussion and processing.

Whether working with adults, youth, or families, this manual provides powerful tools to overcome a variety of challenges and empower personal journeys.

Never worry again about what to do - start building meaningful experiences today!

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Set Apart for Christ - Activity Book

Set Apart for Christ - Activity Book
A 10-Week Biblically-Based Equine Assisted Program

Unleash your program's potential with this ready-made, 10-week Biblically based curriculum! Ditch the time-consuming hassle of crafting your own materials and focus on what truly matters: building a thriving program and inspiring positive change within your community.

This versatile curriculum empowers individuals, groups, adults, youth, and families facing various challenges to embark on a transformative journey. Equip yourself with this powerful tool and watch your program flourish as you empower others to overcome obstacles and find hope!

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