Ashley Edmonds
Ashley Edmonds - Founder

Welcome to Shepherd Academy.  We truly value your desire and drive to make a difference and thus we want to provide you with all the tools do accomplish that. This is why we go the extra mile to provide you with comprehensive support and assistance all year long.

As a Certified Biblically Based Equine Assisted Programs member you will receive the following benefits:

Immediate support when needed – Never hesitate to reach out! Whether you have a burning question or need a deeper dive with a scheduled call, I’m (Ashley) here for you. As a Shepherd Academy graduate, you’re part of our family, and I’m invested in your success. My inbox and phone line are always open for encouragement, advice, and anything in between!

Insurance Access – Our Biblically Based Equine Assisted Programs certification is recognized by insurance brokers, granting you access to a network of professional coverage. This isn’t just a certification, it’s a chance to answer your calling with the security you deserve.

Immersive in-person Shepherd Method workshops, ONLY for current certified members.

Custom Workshops for Your Staff – Empower your team (leaders, volunteers, mentors) with custom workshops crafted just for them. We bring the expertise to your location, igniting collaboration and growth for groups of 6 or more.

• Discounts on all print and digital materials including courses and manuals.

Member Directory Listing – Shine a light on your program! Join our NEW Biblically Based Equine Assisted Program Directory! Help others seeking equine assisted programs find YOU. Be part of a supportive network of certified members across the country. New to the field? This directory is your gateway to connection, mentorship, and potential employment opportunities!

Video Library of Best Practices – Unlock a treasure trove of valuable resources, including engaging session activities, expert horse training methods, and insightful business and marketing tips – all in our exclusive video library.

The Future of Learning is in Your Hands! We create the resources you CRAVE, and your feedback fuels the fire. We value your input so don’t hold back! Share your burning desire for the next courses, manuals, and resources. Email and let’s shape the future, together!

• Get ready to collaborate and learn with your certified peers! Other exclusive support and networking opportunities for members are coming soon.